Robots Are Coming!


Here is an informative article about robotics in the UK compared to Robotics internationally and how the UK needs to catch up to other countries such as Germany, Japan and the USA.

The UK ranks fifth out of G7 leading industrial nations, with Canada and Japan having weaker levels of productivity. In 2015, the UK had 10 robots for every million hours worked, compared with 131 in the US, 133 in Germany and 167 in Japan. By 2017, the UK represented just 0.6% of industrial robotics shipments.

MPs on the business, energy and industrial strategy committee said UK firms were losing out to competitors in the rest of the G7 after the government cut support for companies and failed to encourage investment.

The committee said automation was on its way and that Britain needed to change – with investment in skills and training suited to the so-called “fourth industrial revolution” – or be left behind.

The UK is lagging behind countries like China, which overtook the UK in 2017 and is currently ranked 21st with 97 robots per 10,000 workers.

There are also several reasons why British companies are reluctant to adopt automaton, according to research done by the British Automation and Robot Association, the following reasons ranked highly:

56% were unwilling to invest in new robotics equipment

27% were unwilling to change their production process

5% Feared industrial action

2% Pride in running old machinery

10% opted for None of the above.

Overall, the UK would benefit from catching up to other nations as it allows UK industry to stay competitive on the international market and stay in line with the production capabilities of other countries. it will also allow British businesses to expand and grow, increasing profit and this is why the UK should invest more in modernising and growing its automotive capabilities in our opinion.

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